Mermaid Hannah Pearl 

Author Mermaid Hannah Pearl (Miss Mermaid Scotland 2019) is a real life mermaid from Bristol, UK. When she is not landlocked in her day job, she can be found in and around our beautiful local coastlines freediving for treasure, beach cleaning and swimming in the estuary.


She is hugely passionate about marine conservation and loves to talk to children and adults about what they can do to help save our oceans. She loves to do mermaid appearances and teach kids mermaid language and best practice in being eco marine warriors. She created the character 'Ruby Rockpool' as a way to bring the plight of our oceans to light and ensure future generations can help protect our marine life and ecosystems.

facebook @mermaidhannahpearl

Illustrations by Creativ Squid 

Creativ Squid aka Becki Rendell, is a fellow ocean lover and creative designer/illustrator from Bristol. 

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